Buy any MAG property using OneGram Coin and receive a 5% discount on the purchase price.

Each OneGram Coin (OGC) is backed by a gram of gold, which ensures that it remains a fully capitalised and stable digital currency. In compliance with Islamic Sharia law, it is also zero interest, profit-loss sharing and non-speculative as it is pegged to gold.

OneGram Coin is also simple to buy and trade and will go live in June 2018. To discover a new lifestyle with MAG, investors will purchase OneGram Coin to the value of the property and receive a 5% discount on the property price as a result. OneGram will then remit to MAG according to the payment plan, which is 35% over six to nine months and 65% on completion at the end of 2019.

AED to OneGram Coin Convertor

To see how much your property will cost you in OneGram Coin use our calculator below.*

*The price of OneGram Coin may rise or fall. Our calculator is only an indication of the current purchase price in OneGram Coin. The displayed result in no way forms a contract of price, all payments now and in the future will be calculated using the prevailing AED to OneGram Coin rate. If for any reason you are unable to make your payments in OneGram Coin the shortfall will need to be paid in AED.